Relax in a cozy atmosphere with wonderful lunch prepared by a local chef, watch the artist paint. Meet a new friend, find an honest taxi, a good restaurant.  Artist Internet Cafes will be the source of tourist info.
Working on THE SITE
ideas welcome,Help if you can.
Ok, the Artist Internet Cafes will be a cafe run by a local partner from the city that perhaps had a cafe and wanted to expand. Surrounding the cafe will be artist stalls where artist can paint, sculpt, carve, etc. The cafe will have a small store where we sell the artist work for the artist if they like. And also give good information to tourist. From an honest taxi driver to a hidden restaurant that is a real treat. Take the whole cafe and put it live on the internet, so a person could have coffee in New York and watch Juan paint his painting. Then bid on the artwork at our online auction. The artist pay no rent, we are there to help each other, if we sell their art, it is a 20% fee. At 5pm ANY hungry child can come and have good meal FREE. At 6pm we open the stage for a local talent contest online live. Example this month we are looking for singing sisters. The winners get $500 and a recording. With the land concessions for a place to grow our crops, we will teach people how to grow food and then we open a small fruit stand and sell the produce, we are teaching them to run a store. And we cook the food for the cafes, teaching how to cook. As the project grows, one day you will have Panama artist swap their stall with a Granada artist for a month. We would show the world online the Artist Latin American. Perhaps an old warehouse or Old large House would make a great place. The Cafe will be a meeting place for local and tourist alike. The cafe will have a list of recommended and unique owner operated businesses and places to see. The online auction could help the artist get much more for their art.
I traveled Costa Rica for 25 years, but I will open in Granada, Nicaragua if current deal can be secured on location I have found.. The point of this is promote art, peace, knowledge and feed the kids and teach not preach. Artist Internet Cafes are going to be a must stop for any tourist or artist. Also a great lunch and meet like minded people.  Right now it looks like a nice place I have found in Granada will be the first location.

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Help Change the World
I have found the perfect location in Granada..  Could be open and running in 30 days.  So those that said they wanted to help please do...
Please ask any questions, you will get honest answers...
Gallery needed to showcase the artist work in the US as well. These are all orginal oils.
Those that help get this started on a high level will have the oppurtunity to choose the artist they like best and have options to buy 3 paintings within the year for $150 each.